Played by:
Anita having an epiphany
Whos smoking

"Who's smoking?"

Anita Gray was a student of olfactory science and the assistant of olfactory expert Napoleon LeNez. Anita's favorite smell is that of burnt cigarettes because they remind her of her grandmother. She first appears in "Smell of Success".


While working for LeNez, she discovered (as he had before her) that he was a genius. She borrowed the only copy of his book, The Smell of Success, without his knowledge, and began to read it. Upon scratching the burnt cigarettes scratch–and–sniff page, the book exploded, and killed her.


When she is seen in the morgue, her entire body is charred. She is touched by Ned, and asks, "Who's smoking?", before being told that it is her body. She is then told the cause of her death, and she mentions that she was unsure of the origin of the bright flash she saw before her death. She asks if God is mad at her for reading something she was not supposed to, to which Chuck replies that He isn't. Anita then asks if she will see her grandmother, and is then touched again.

Behind the Scenes

In the original script, Anita's name was "Juanita Gray."

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