Anna Friel plays Charlotte "Chuck" Charles on Pushing Daisies. She also did the voice over for the Dandy Lion SX commercial in "Dummy".

Friel began her career as a British soap opera star, starring in Brookside. In this role she took part in the first lesbian kiss shown on British television. She has gone on to work in small parts for HBO's Takes from the Crypt and Barry Levinson's series The Jury. Her film work includes Richard Donner's Timeline from a novel by Michael Crichton, and the 1999 film version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kevin Kline. It was recently announced that Friel will be starring opposite Will Ferrell in the film adaptation of the television series Land of the Lost.

"The Anna"

An October 2007 TV Guide article reported on Friel's unusual means of preparing for her scenes:

Before each scene, she performs a curious little routine that includes pumping her arms furiously like she's running in place: "It gets my energy going." The trick -- which Sonnenfeld has dubbed "the Anna" -- has proven as infectious as Chuck's fizzy optimism. Says an amused Friel, "Lee and the Aunts do the Anna now, too! [1]

Where is she now?

Ever since the cancellation of Pushing Daisies, Anna decided to return to England. She starred in a stage production of the film Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Audrey Hepburn role. She has taken the villain role in Neverland, the Peter Pan prequel, with Rhys Ifans, with whom she lives and is her partner.

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