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Annabelle Vandersloop is a munitions magnate widow and militant arts and crafter who appears in "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy". Her husband died when a stray Fourth of July firecracker ignited his factory. Two things helped her get over his death. First, she joined a widow's group at the Papen County Historical Society and made a diorama of her husband's factory, complete with glittery explosion. Through this group she also met Nora McQuoddy whose husband was lost at sea and presumed dead for many years.

Second, she fell in love with Augustus "Gus" Papen, whom she slept with once. He did not requite her feelings, and instead fell for Nora. Annabelle, desperate to get Gus to love her, killed Nora with a harpoon, framing her recently returned husband. She made one last attempt to light a flame in Gus, but failed. Taking a page from her husband's book, she planned to set off sparks of her own and blow up the lighthouse so beloved by Gus's beloved, with Gus inside. Olive Snook, who Annabelle had earlier spurned for having not known love as she had, reveals that she indeed did know what it was like to hold a candle for someone who didn't hold one back. When Anabelle asks for help, Olive blows out the match in Annabelle's hand.

Annabelle was sentenced to 30 years in jail.

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