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Barry Sonnenfeld

Barry Sonnenfeld is an executive producer with Dan Jinks, Bruce Cohen, Brooke Kennedy, Peter Ocko and Bryan Fuller on Pushing Daisies; he also directed the pilot and the second episode. He won an Emmy for the former.

Sonnenfeld began his career as a cinematographer on such films as Raising Arizona, Big with Tom Hanks, and Stephen King's Misery. He went on to direct The Addams Family in 1991 and its 1993 sequel, Get Shorty from Elmore Leonard's novel, and the first two Men in Black films starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (he and Jones provide a fantastic DVD commentary for MiB I). As a producer, Sonnenfeld's name has been attached to the Coen brothers' The Ladykillers, the Fantasy Island remake, Ben Edlund's live-action series The Tick, and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events with Jim Carrey.

He was director of the 2006 film RV, which starred fellow Daisies lynchpin, Kristin Chenoweth.



Talking about what he had learned with his past experiences in television that he was bringing to this show [1]
I had produced and directed other television pilots like The Tick, like Maximum Bob, and I didn't stick around ... I moved on. And I decided, when I got back into television, that I needed to stay involved with the show. So, for instance, on Pushing Daisies, I'm directing three of the first 13 episodes. If we get picked up for the back nine, I'll probably come back and do some more. And I'm much more involved in the continuing of the show than I used to, but I love television. I think ABC is the right place for this show."

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