He was a happy man.
― Becky Caden, about her husband[1]
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Rebecca "Becky" Caden is the widow of Bradan Caden, a crop-dusting pilot who was accidentally killed in a plane crash during Lemuel "Lefty Lem" Weinger's prison escape. Becky hires Ned and Emerson Cod to prove that Bradan's death was not a suicide, and thus receives the life insurance entitled to her.


It is unknown how long Becky and Bradan Caden were married, but despite her seemingly monotonic nature, the two were happy and very much in love. Bradan was killed when his crop-duster airplane crashed into the Broadview Luxury Apartment Complex. Although she was entitled to $50,000 from her husband's life insurance policy, the Aviator's Aviation Insurance Company initially refused to pay, having declared the death a suicide within 17 minutes of the collision.[1]

While settling her husband's affairs at the morgue, she told the coroner that she did not believe her husband's death to be a suicide. Emerson Cod, a private investigator, overheard the conversation and offered his services to find the truth about the death. While the coroner privately accepted a bribe from Emerson for allowing him to speak to Becky, Ned snuck to her husband's corpse and resurrects him. He then learns that someone hijacked the plane and caused the accident.[1]


The insurance policy of Bradan Caden, initially rejected as a suicide.

Although Becky is unaware that Ned briefly resurrected her late husband, she agrees to hire Ned and Emerson to investigate Bradan's death after Ned reassures her the plane was hijacked. During their investigation, and with the help of Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, they eventually learn that Lefty Lem jumped onto the airplane while fleeing from prison, and the crash was caused when his carrier pigeon, Pidge, accidentally goes through the propeller. This leads to Lefty Lem's capture and Becky is finally able to collect the $50,000 insurance money. Chuck also reassures her that her husband was a good pilot who in no way cause the accident.[1]

Personality and traits

Becky Caden is a monotonic woman who shows very little visible unhappiness at her husband's death, despite actually being quite distraught.[1]


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