Billy Balsam
Played by:

Billy Balsam was the brother of Dilly Balsam and co-owner of Bittersweets, and appears in the episode "Bitter Sweets". His promotion of his emporium was unconventional. He would disguise himself as "Some Guy" and inform other people about that new emporium across the street. He and his sister both tried to get The Pie Hole shut down, as they considered it to be "competition".

They hired a health inspector named Andrew Brown to find every trace of filth in The Pie Hole, and ended up having The Pie Hole temporarily closed. The health inspector demanded more money, or he would expose them for what they were doing, and got in a fight with Billy. Billy bit his finger off and swallowed it, and was then thrown into a vat of taffy by Andrew.

When Ned was collecting the rats that Chuck and Snook released in the Bittersweets' kitchen, he saw one in the vat of taffy, and grabbed for it. The rat sank, and, while feeling around for it, Ned accidentally touched Billy, bringing him to life. Billy tried to speak, but his mouth was full of taffy, and Ned touched him, killing him again, seconds before being caught by Dilly and several police officers.

During his autopsy, a finger is found in his stomach, but the print was erased by stomach acid.

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