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Bradan Caden was an agricultural aviator who died after escaped convict Lemuel "Lefty Lem" Weinger hijacked his crop-duster airplane, which accidentally crashed into an apartment building. Ned touched Bradan and discovered that Lefty Lem was posing as someone else.


Life and death

Bradan Caden was a skilled pilot who made a profession out of fertilized crops for years. He was happily married to his wife, Becky, who described him as a "happy man."[1]

One day, while preparing to dust a field of soy beans, Lefty Lem jumped onto his plane while escaping from prison. But when Lefty Lem's carrier pigeon, Pidge accidentally went through the plane's propeller, the plane went out of control and crashed into a window at Broadview Luxury Apartment Complex. Bradan was killed instantly; his body catapulted through the cockpit window and onto the plane itself. Glass shards were embedded into his face. The resident of the apartment, Conrad Fitch, was also killed.[1]



The insurance policy of Bradan Caden, initially rejected as a suicide.

Bradan had a $50,000 life insurance policy, but because Lefty Lem successfully posed as the deceased Conrad and concealed evidence of the hijacking, the Aviator's Aviation Insurance Company declared the death a suicide within 17 minutes of the collision, and Becky Caden was denied payment.[1]

Emerson Cod, a private investigator, visited Becky at the morgue and tried to convince her to hire him to investigate the death. While the coroner privately accepted a bribe from Emerson, Ned snuck to Bradan's corpse and resurrected him. Although Bradan is initially confused by his kaleidoscopic vision, caused by the glass protruding from his face, he explains to Ned that his plane was hijacked by someone in an orange prison jumpsuit. Ned touched him again and restores him to death.[1]

Thanks to this information, Ned, Emerson and Charlotte "Chuck" Charles eventually discover Conrad Fitch's body, recapture Lefty Lem and have Bradan's death officially acknowledged as an accident, which allows Becky to collect the insurance money.[1]


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