Burly Bruce
Played by:

Burly Bruce Carter is a big man who is in an unhealthy romance with a life-sized doll named Sheila, whom he believes to be alive.


While in the same jail cell as Ned, he explains that he "met" Sheila in an ad for a "car-pool doll"; to qualify for car-pooling, there must be two or more people in the car. He claims that he loved Sheila so much that he "took the blame" for her.


He had set up a double date with Tony DiNapoli, but when Tony got to the date before his girlfriend, Tina Arongino, and saw that Bruce's date was a literal doll, he questioned Bruce about it. Bruce was enraged, and used Sheila's hands to strangle Tony, and later framed Tina for the crime.


When he was arrested, he was placed in the cell Tina had been occupying, and remained there for some time, while Sheila was taken as evidence. Later, when Ned is arrested for "murdering" Billy Balsam, the co-owner of the candy store, Bittersweets, Bruce is transferred to Ned's cell. Ned comes to feel that perhaps Bruce's 'unrealistic' belief in love is, after all, not a terrible thing.

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