Cantaloupe was framed.
― Emerson Cod [1]

Cantaloupe after having been framed for the murder of her master, Leo Gaswint.

Cantaloupe is a Chow Chow who was framed for the murder of her master, Leo Gaswint. Originally ordered to be put down for the crime, Cantaloupe was exonerated when Ned resurrected Gaswint and learned that his secretary was the murderer, not Cantaloupe.


Cantaloupe was beloved by Leo Gaswint and his family. She was sheltered and showered with affection and as a result was extremely docile. When Gaswint was mauled to death by his secretary's Rottweiler, Cantaloupe was the only witness to the murder. The secretary put some of Gaswint's flesh in Cantaloupe's mouth, making her the sole suspect in the crime. The dog was believed to have turned on its owner, an accusation that was not helped by the fact that Chow is the breed most likely to turn on its owner. Cantaloupe was scheduled to be euthanized for the murder.[1]


Cantaloupe being set free after having been exonerated for Gaswint's murder.

Due to his friendly manner, Gaswint's family was convinced of his innocence and offered a $20,000 reward to anyone who found the real killer. This caught the attention of private investigator Emerson Cod, who arranged for Ned to bring Gaswint back from the dead. Gaswint told Ned that his secretary's Rottweiler, not Cantaloupe, was the true killer. Cantaloupe was set free and the secretary, and her dog, were arrested after Cod provided an anonymous tip to the police. Cod collected the reward, which he split with Ned.[1]

Personality and traits


A portrait of Leo Gaswint and Cantaloupe, hanging in Gaswint's home office.

Cantaloupe is a golden Chow Chow who, despite the prejudices associated with her breed, has been described as being "docile as a kitten" by Emerson Cod, Leo Gaswint and the Gaswint family. Emerson, in fact, objects to Ned raising the statistical likelihood of the breed attacking their owner, labeling it as 'racial profiling'.[1]


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