Chas Spielman
Played by:

Chas Spielman is an author of pop-up books of all genres and materials, and also owns his own pop-up bookstore, the Pop-Up Palace. In general, he has the defensive and somewhat patronizing tone common to comic book fans who feel their genre is not taken seriously s a literary form. He was a suspect in the murder attempts in Smell of Success, as his book was canceled in favor of Napoleon LeNez's book, "The Smell of Success". He also wrote a book detailing ways to construct bombs. He defends himself against Cod's accusations by saying how dumb of an idea it would be for him to write a book about bombs, and then, after publishing the book, proceed to blow up a rival author in the manner he himself laid out. Since Emerson has literary pop-up ambitions of his own, he 'confiscates' a number of Spielman's volumes. He appears in "Smell of Success".

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