The Comfort Food Cook-Off is an annual contest in Papen County where various food companies compete for the prize "Best in Stomach". In "Comfort Food", the contest's Coordinator is Leo Burns, although he is not the Judge. The Coordinator is meant to be impartial and helps to reinforce the rules of the contest, including the rule that entrants are not allowed into other contestants' kitchen spaces.

The contest is set up in what looks like a large space, filled with mock ups of the different competing restaurants, enclosing that restaurant's kitchen space. Competitors tend to wear decorative costumes, featuring mascots or images of their food on their person, such as pizza shirts or a buffalo in a bonnet.

When time is called, only those entries which are on the judges' table are eligible. First prize includes a trophy and a ribbon, as well as a cash prize.

17th Annual Competition Participants

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