Played by:
Dilly eaking out fray

Dilania "Dilly" Balsam, with her brother Billy is the owner of Bittersweets, a taffy and sweets emporium that opens up right across the street from Ned's Pie Hole. She does everything in her power to make sure the Pie Hole is out of business including breaking the sign so it read "The Pie Ho" and siccing health inspector Andrew Brown on the restaurant. She appears in "Bitter Sweets". After finding out Andrew Brown killed her brother, Dilly decided to murder Andrew.

Early life

Dilly and Billy's parents died of bird flu. She traveled by boat to Bodega Bay to face her fear of birds. In a Hitchcock-like moment, her eyes were pecked upon by a bunch of seagulls. She was saved by a taffy man and this inspired her to open up Bittersweets.

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