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Elliot McQuoddy is the son of Nora and Merle McQuoddy. He appeared in "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy".

He arrives at The Pie Hole shortly after the Pie Holers heard of his mother's death. He asks Emerson Cod to investigate, and clear his father's name, and the private eye eventually agrees.

The investigation was a distraction however, from Elliot hiring Willie Gerkin to sell his mother's lighthouse, which fell to Elliot's ownership when his mom died. Taking the money he was given up front, he went to buy supplies so he and his father could skip town on a round the world boating trip. Before he could return to his old man, he also had to meet Gus Papen to hear his pitch for the lighthouse's renovation. While waiting for Gus, he attempted to put up the storm signal flags on the lighthouse to honor his dead mother, and fell over the railing. He was barely saved by Gus, with help from Emerson.

Elliot would later concede to Gus's vision for the lighthouse, after realizing that Gus was doing it to honor the woman he loved. Elliot and his father were last seen embarking on their world tour via boat.

Behind the Scenes

Elliot is named after Elliot the dragon, the animated friend of Pete in the Disney animated film Pete's Dragon.

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