Written by  Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Date  1989
Source  Everything

"Eternal Flame" is a song originally performed by the all-female band The Bangles, from their 1989 album "Everything". In 2001, a cover by English girl band 'Atomic Kitten' was a hit worldwide.

The Bangles --- Eternal Flame03:26

The Bangles --- Eternal Flame

Olive Snook sings it (to herself) in "Comfort Food" when she realizes that she can no longer pretend that she is not in love with Ned, although as usual with her musical numbers, no one else is paying attention.


  • Kristin Chenoweth, who portrays Olive, sang the song previously in a workshop of a musical version of the film Earth Girls are Easy.

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