Played by:
Bad Habits (8)

(On the Left)

Father Eduardo Dedonde is the priest at the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum nunnery. He appears in "Bad Habits".

After the death of Sister Larue, Father Eduardo Dedonde and Mother Superior declare the death to be a suicide. But he is brought under suspicion of murder as his clothing is covered with bat guano from the bell tower that Larue fell from. As Olive Snook discovers this, she tries to get away from the Father, who chases her around the yard until he can explain that he was only trying to help Sister Larue.

Father Eduardo Dedonde would also listen to Ned's confession, and in the process realize that he is not a priest. But not before encouraging Ned to change his life so that he stops abandoning people in the way his father had abandoned him.

His surname in Spanish means "whence" or "from where", as in the question of a person's origin.

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