Gustav in the morgue

Played by:

Gustav Hoffer is the original victim in "Robbing Hood". A prolific and wealthy inventor, whose inventions included a yarn baller, he died during a suspicious robbery gone wrong. His lawyer, Daniel Hill, had been in love with his boss, and hires Emerson Cod and Ned to find out the truth.

Gustav's corpse was interned in the morgue still enmeshed in the chandelier that fell on him. During questioning, he revealed two important things. One, he had been killed by his bellman, and two, he had a new will that must be found. The existence of the will was troubling to his lawyer, who had known nothing of a new will, and was worried the new will would leave everything to Gustav's unloving trophy wife, Elise.

During the course of investigation, Emerson and his team uncover that Gustav had suspected his wife of only being in the marriage for money. After an encounter with Rob Wright, head of the Bellmen, Gustav formed a plan to test his bride. Given the combination to Gustav's safe, Rob would rob the inventor to let him see how his wife reacted when all his money was gone. Shortly before the robbery, Elise was caught cheating on Gustav with their porter, James-Andrew by Daniel. Overhearing Daniel's accusations in defense of his employer, Gustav had the answer he needed and had a new will drawn up, leaving everything to his faithful lawyer. Despite this, Rob Wright wanted to go ahead with the robbery, so he could continue to fund his organizations philanthropic nature. During a brief struggle, Rob accidentally fired on an overhead chandelier which fell and killed Gustav.

Hoffer was also an avid hunter, or at least liked to collect trophies. He had an entire room of his mansion filled with them. This created a horrendous obstacle course for Ned, who had to pass through the room to reach Hoffer's safe, but without touching any of the dead animals.

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