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Harold and his bitches1

Harold and his prized dogs.

Harold and his bitches2

Harold and his wives.

Played by:

Harold Hundin was a widely-respected dog breeder and president of the Papen County Kennel Club, who owned a 'perfect' dog named Bubblegum, a Col-a-Dor-Russell-a-Poo (Collie/Labrador/Jack Russell/Poodle hybrid). He was also a polygamist and had four wives, Hilary, Heather, Simone, and Hallie Hundin.

Harold wanted to make sure all of America owned Col-a-Dor-Russell-a-Poos with the help of his friend Ramsfeld Snuppy, but none of his wives approved. He met his end when he drank a cup of coffee with almond creamer and cyanide, spilled and slipped on the coffee, and got stabbed multiple times by the pointy end of a hairbrush. He appears in "Bitches".

Harold's multiple marriages seem to have been for a combination of personal and business reasons, although these are not elaborated.

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