Wikia Daisies - Leo Burns (Food coordinator)
Played by:

Leo Burns is the new Comfort Food Cook-Off Coordinator in "Comfort Food". When he first meets Ned and Olive, he tells them his job requires him to be impartial, but that he was rooting for The Pie Hole. His bias was deeper than this, however. He came into this role with an agenda. A year before the competition, he discovered Colonel Likkin's Southern Fried Chicken, and quickly gained a substantial amount of weight from it. This led to obesity, diabetes, and night blindness. Burns took the position of Cook-Off Coordinator to get back at the Colonel. He did so by ramming Likken from behind with his electric scooter, knocking him first into the secret recipe batter, and then a second time into the deep fryer.

Later, he discovers Ned and Olive in the Waffle Nazi's kitchen area, and disqualifies them from competing with an emphatic check mark gesture in the air. He also disqualifies Marianne Marie Beetle and gives a permanent ban to the Pie Holers when he finds them at the scene of his crime, Colonel Likken's contest kitchen. Ned is able to figure out that Burns is the killer, and Leo is arrested and removed from the premises before he can notify the judges of Marianne Marie or Ned and Olive's disqualifications. Both groups of competitors therefore race to get their entries in as he is dragged away.

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