Leo Gaswint after being resurrected by Ned. Gaswint was mauled to death by his secretary's Rottweiler.

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Leonard "Leo" Gaswint is a Michigan entrepreneur who was killed by his secretary, who ordered her Rottweiler to maul him to death. Gaswint's dog, Cantaloupe, was framed for the murder, but is exonerated when Ned brings Gaswint back to life and learns the truth about the circumstances of his death. He appears in the "Pie-lette".


Leo Gaswint was a successful Michigan entrepreneur who had a blonde, beautiful female secretary who developed a grudge against him due to an incident at the previous year's Christmas party. The exact nature of Gaswint's business dealings are unknown, as are the circumstances of the feud with his secretary, although he assured Ned that it's a "funny story." [1]


A portrait of Leo Gaswint and Cantaloupe, hanging in Gaswint's home office.

Gaswint was killed when his secretary ordered her Rottweiler to maul him to death. A substantial part of his face was chewed off by the vicious dog. According to the Narrator, Gaswint was 39 years, 42 weeks, five days, three hours and 26 minutes old at the time of his death. The secretary put part of Gaswint's flesh into the mouth of Cantaloupe, who witnessed the crime. Cantaloupe was framed for the crime and was ordered to be put down but Gaswint's family, believing her too docile to commit such a heinous act, offered a $20,000 reward to whoever found the real killer. [1]


Leo Gaswint's secretary being arrested for his murder.

The reward captures the attention of private investigator Emerson Cod, who arranges for Ned to bring Gaswint back from the dead. Although Cod is unable to look at Gaswint's body due to the gory damage to his face, Ned brings Gaswint back to life by touching him on his chest. Gaswint confirms that Cantaloupe was as "docile as a kitten" and that the secretary is the one behind his murder. Ned then touches him again, and Gaswint dies for a second and final time. After Cod gives an anonymous tip to the police, Cantaloupe is released and the secretary, and her Rottweiler, are arrested. Cod collects the reward and splits it with Ned. [1]

Personality and traits

Leo Gaswint was seemingly a successful and at least somewhat wealthy businessman, based upon his fancy home office and the substantial $20,000 reward his family was able to offer for his killer. Gaswint was a light-hearted and outgoing man who insisted that people call him "Leo" instead of Leonard. Due to the timing of his appearance, i.e. before Chuck's resurrection, he is one of the few revivified murder victims who is not asked if he has any last messages or requests. [1]


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