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Lila Robinson is a beautiful grifter who had a brief affair with Emerson Cod over a decade ago -- ironically, just after her then lover, Roland "Rollie" Stingwell, hired Emerson to follow her and learn if she was cheating. Emerson and Lila had points of compatibility, as well as vast philosophical differences. That affair resulted in a child, Penny, now 12, with whom Lila absconded 6 years ago. Since then, Lila has made herself scarce, but when Stingwell is found murdered, she becomes the chief suspect in his death. Currently fleeing from the authorities, Lila asks Emerson to clear her name, promising to let him see their child if he does. But beneath her still-formidable charm, Lila's a manipulative deceiver who follows her own agenda.

Emerson describes Lila in ""The Legend of Merle McQuoddy"" as his "ex-wife", although this is never proven.

Lila appears only in "Water and Power".

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