Merle leaving home
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Merle McQuoddy is a fisherman who appears in "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy". Ten years ago, Merle was out on his fishing vessel (named for his wife Nora), but was lost at sea. He survived on an island for over nine years, before he was able to return to his wife and Elliot, his son, after being rescued by a gay cruise ship.

He attempted to rebuild his marriage, but things were rocky. In addition to Nora not wanting him to take Elliot on a round-the-world sailing trip, Merle learned that she had begun seeing another man in his absence. He retired to the caves that urban legend said he had been haunting since his non-death. Shortly thereafter, Nora was murdered, and Merle was seen as the most likely suspect. He hatched a plan with his son to go away on their trip to avoid wrongful arrest, but they were prevented from leaving by Emerson Cod and Olive Snook. The duo would later discover the true murderer, which allowed Merle and his son to take their trip after all.

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