Michael Cornacchia played the role of Burly Bruce Carter in "Bitter Sweets".

Michael Cornacchia hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended the University of Southern California where he majored in Theatre. Michael is a proud member of The Next Arena theater company, appearing in the TNA “Onesies” series, “Naked in Idaho”, starred as Giovanni in TNA’s production of “We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!”, and was also in TNA’s critically acclaimed original work, “The Angry Guy in the Pink Hat”. Michael has appeared on television shows including “ER”, “The Practice”, “Six Feet Under”, “CSI: New York”, “The Tick”, and “October Road”. Michael was also in the well-known internet series, “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker”. He worked with Kevin Pollack in the 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Film, “Our Time is Up”. He has also voiced the role of Eddie in the video game version of “Reservoir Dogs”. He was the voice of Frankie in the academy award winning animated film, “Happy Feet.” Star Wars fans know him as Jabba the Hutt and Admiral Ackbar in Patrick T. Gorman’s, “The Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes”. Michael can also be heard on the Kids’ WB series, “Legion of Super Heroes” as Bouncing Boy. He recently appeared in an episode of Out of Jimmy's Head where Ellen Greene does one of the cartoon voices.

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