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Napoleon LeNez is an olfactory scientist who can tell who people are simply by sniffing their bodies, and is extremely accurate in doing so, as he is able to tell that Emerson is a "knitting detective" after sniffing him. He is the author of the scratch-and-sniff book titled "The Smell of Success", which he desperately wants to publicize. He rigged an advanced copy with an explosive in order to appear to be the victim of a murder attempt, but his assistant Anita Gray accidentally triggered the explosion and died. He tried to pin a second attempt on his rival, Oscar Vibenius, by connecting a gas line from the sewer, where Oscar worked, to his car, which was detonated when he unlocked his car. He also stuffed a sock, inscribed with a threat against himself, down The Pie Hole's sink drain to further implicate Vibenius. He later attempted to kill Ned and Emerson when they learned that he was the culprit, but was foiled by Oscar, who had re-wired the decontamination chamber where Ned and Emerson were being held. He appears in "Smell of Success".

Behind the scenes

*Le nez is French for "the nose".

  • His cleansing chamber is reminiscent of the extremes to which Howard Hughes apparently went in his germophobia.

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