Young Ned in a North Thrush field.

North Thrush is the town where Ned attended the Longborough School for Boys following his mother's death. It was on the outskirts of North Thrush that Ned started to learn the nature of his power, how to control it and how to lie to preserve his secret.

North Thrush is distinctive for its large fields of green grass with few other features besides the occasional tree; even the exterior of the Longborough School for Boys is situated in such a field. Its coloration forms a clear contrast to the yellow and red of Coeur d'Coeurs.

North Thrush is located in Papen County.[1]

Ned's childhood in North Thrush

After the death of Ned's mother, his father dropped Ned off at the Longborough School when he was 9 years, 29 weeks and 4 days old, according to the Narrator. His time in North Thrush were among the most stressful of his life, as it was during an important period for his development and a time when he was first learning about his power to bring the dead back to life.


Ned sitting in a tree outside the Longborough School for Boys.

Ned learned several lessons about his magical ability at the school, including that it should not be frivolously or irresponsibly used after he resurrected the frogs from a science dissection lesson to get back at bullying students. It was also in the school that he learned to lie about his power, starting with denying involvement with the frog incident.[2] It was also at the school that Ned learned he could only keep those he resurrected alive for exactly one minute before another life had to be taken; he discovered this by placing fireflies in a jar, resurrecting one jar-full of flies and then waiting with a stopwatch until the second jar-full of flies died.[3] Additionally, it was at this school that Ned reunited with his best friend, Digby.[4]


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