Papen County is home to a large city where the pie maker and his friends live and work. It also includes the town of North Thrush, but not Coeur d'Coeurs, which is in Coeur d'Coeurs County. Its land varies from gentle rolling hills, in the area around the windmill farm, to more dramatic mountainous terrain, in the North Thrush area. It has a rocky seacoast whose lighthouse, the Papen County Light, is a historical monument.

Papen County owes much of its early history and development to the involvement of its namesake family, the Papens.

The county is civic-minded and culturally rich: it hosts an annual Comfort Food Cook-Off, and has public resources such as the Papen County Historical Society and the National Area for Retired Windmills.


Most of the eateries, with one exception, are shaped like their namesakes. These include:


The official newspaper of Papen County is the Papen County Picayune.

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