The Papen County Historical Society Museum is a source of local history and was helpful in at least two of Emerson Cod's recorded investigations.

In "Pigeon", Emerson, Ned, and Chuck went to the museum looking for information on the VonRoenn Windmill, to track down a killer and a buried treasure. The killer in question, Lefty Lem, had already been to the museum for the same information, according to the Curator. She told the trio that the Windmill had been retired and sent to N.A.R.M., the National Area of Retired Mills.

In "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy", it is revealed that a prominent figure in the society is Augustus "Gus" Papen, one of the many Papen brothers whose family named the County, and was involved in historic landmarks. One such landmark is the Papen County Lighthouse, which is featured on the cover of one of their brochures along with some windmills. Gus was hoping to make a name for himself by renovating the lighthouse, whose keeper Nora McQuoddy he was dating. Nora was also active in the society group of widows, including Annabelle Vandersloop, who honor their late husbands by making dioramas for the society. The obvious ensuing scandal from Nora's murder would clearly dent the Society's status.

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