The Papen County Lighthouse is a historic landmark, registered with the Papen County Historical Society. Its keeper was Nora McQuoddy until her untimely death in "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy".

Nora was harpooned to the lighthouse's lens at night by her best friend, Annabelle Vandersloop, out of jealousy. Nora had been dating Augustus "Gus" Papen, who was hoping to use the Historical Society, and his family fortune, to renovate the lighthouse into a spa amusement park.

According to the agreement with the historical society, the lighthouse's stewardship fell to her son Elliot McQuoddy, who narrowly avoided death himself after falling over the railing while attempting to hang storm signal flags. Saved in part by Gus, Elliot made a deal with him to renovate the place into a hotel, and preserve the lighthouse itself a symbol of love.

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