Wikia Daisies - Rob rallying the troops
Wikia Daisies - Rob on night duty
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Rob Wright is a character in "Robbing Hood". He runs the Bellmen, a group that solicits donations, at least in part by telemarketing. Rob also styled himself a modern day Robin Hood, to rob from the rich and give to charities. He selected his targets from looking at Tam Phong's phone lists.

Gustav Hoffer contracted Rob to rob from him, as a means of testing the love of his wife, Elise. but before the burglary, Gustav changed his mind - Rob, however, would not back off. In a brief altercation, Rob's gun went off, dropping a chandelier on Gustav's head.

Chuck discovered his identity as a thief when he was beginning to break in to her Aunts' home. She let him go, however, believing he was not a killer. He would later be brought to justice by Emerson Cod.


He continues the tradition of colorful and meaningful names, robbing the rich to make things (w)right.

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