Sisters of the Divine Magnatum
is a nunnery far away from Papen County and Coeur d'Coeurs. Some unusual things have happened here.


Mother & Father

Notable Sisters

  • Sister Lily - former Darling Mermaid Darling Lily Charles came here twice - once 29 years ago to bear her child, Charlotte Charles, and once again to keep an eye on her friend, Olive Snook.
  • Sister Olive - Olive Snook, a former waitress at the Pie Hole, came to this nunnery after a wild tantrum, because of the pressure to hide the many secrets she's been fed from the world. She left after the murder of her best friend there, Sister Larue.
  • Sister Larue (deceased) - Real name Dr. Linda Frank. Larue came to the nunnery for experimentation on various truffles. She was killed when she fell from the bell tower, pushed by the nunnery's sow, Pigby.
  • Sister Maria Christina - Not much is known about this sister except that she purchased forbidden items from the outside world from Larue.

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