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Sy Richardson plays the recurring role of the coroner.

In addition to performing, Richardson coaches directors in improving their skills when directing actors. He also teaches an acting class.

He has directed a number of small projects and appeared in numerous TV series such as Wings, ER, Charmed,"Cold Case","Cheers" and Monk. For film, he has appeared in the Emilio Estevez/Charlie Sheen vehicle Men at Work, and Michel Gondry's Human Nature with Tim Robbins and Rosie Perez.

And Dennis Hoppers' film "Colors" with Robert Duval & Sean Penn. He is known for Lite, A repoman character in Alex Cox's cult film "Repoman",as well as characters in "Sid & Nancy",and his first lead in "Straight To Hell". Sy has just completed his seventh film with Alex Cox called "Searcher 2.0.

Sy sings BAD MAN on the Repoman soundtrack and A TOWN CALLED BIG NOTHING with Elvis Costello.

Mario Van People' Vehicle "Posse" was co-written by Sy Richardson.

Richardson's fifth book was released in 2007 PEP (prayer education & persistence) for Christian Entertainers.

He was recently seen in a FedEx ad during Super Bowl XLII. The second best commercial of Super Bowl XLII. FedEx is Sy's third Super Bowl Commercial in ten years.

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