Wikia Daisies - Widow Likkin
Played by:

The Widow Likkin was the wife of Colonel Likkin, founder of Colonel Likkin's Southern Fried Chicken, Papen County's no. 1 chicken eatery until he met a grisly, battered end. After his death during the Comfort Food Cook-Off, she expresses her concern to Ned that his secret recipe has gone to the grave with her husband. But, she says that the Colonel would have wanted the contest to go on. After investigating the Colonel's death, Ned finds the recipe was written down, and presents it to the widow. She announces that she plans to go into business with a local doughnut merchant and create finger-lickin' doughnut holes, presumably, as at the Comfort Food Cook-Off, in part simply to be in competition with the Pie Hole.

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