The body of Wilfred Woodruff IV, who was to be buried with Fambing Woo's Civil War sword.

Wilfred Woodruff IV was the great-great-grandson of Fambing Woo, the Chinese railroad worker who became an accidental Confederate war hero. Woodruff had a great deal of pride in Fambing and his Confederate heritage, and actively participated in Civil War reenactments.

When he passed away, he was buried in his reenactment uniform along with Fambing Woo's Civil War sword. The sword was stolen by Lawrence Schatz, the Schatz Brothers Funeral Home director who frequently stole valuables from dead bodies along with his twin brother, Louis. Woodruff's grandson, Wilfred Woodruff VI, tried to recover the sword from the Schatz brothers, and became involved in an altercation with Ned. Wilfred lost the ensuing swordfight, and was arrested.[1]


  1. The Fun in Funeral

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