Woolsey Nicholls
You know, I find that the most amazing creatures have furry behinds.
—Woolsey [1]
Played by:

Woolsey Nicholls is the new outright owner of Betty's Bees. Formerly a rival of Betty Bee's, prior to Woolsey's first appearance he acquired her company in a hostile takeover. During his tenure in charge of the company, he began producing what Betty considered inferior products, and decided to rebrand the product with a younger spokesperson, replacing Betty's image from the label. His choice was bee girl Kentucky Fitz, whom he was in love with. Kentucky was not interested, and instead had been working with Betty to sabotage the company's hive. After discovering mite-infested bees in her workspace, Woolsey realized the plot at work against him.

Utilizing bee culture to his advantage, Woolsey encased a queen bee in a honeycomb shaped container which he would hide in his mouth. The queen's hive would cover his body to be close to their queen. Spitting the queen at Kentucky caused the bees to swarm and sting her to death.

Her death led to an investigation of Betty's Bees, and Woolsey himself by Emerson Cod's investigative team, including an undercover Chuck going by the name Kitty Pims, whom he hired to replace Kentucky. Woolsey, attempting to kill Betty in the same manner as he killed Kentucky, spat the Queen bee at Chuck. Cool headed, Chuck caught the queen in her mouth, preventing the swarm from viewing her as a threat.

Using his saliva from the queen's case, Emerson's team was able to convince police to arrest Woolsey for the murder of Kentucky.


  1. "Bzzzzzzzz!"

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